A workshop is a separate event that is held during the regular speaker sessions.  Typically a workshop meets for two hours.  However, if there is interest the session can go longer.  

The sessions are an excellent opportunity for an attendee to learn about a subject they may be considering to get more involved with.  There is also the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other amateur astronomers.

Check the Conference Schedule to see this year’s workshops.

Workshops are available for all registered conference attendees — no additional registration or fee is required.  Each session has a monitor who will lead the workshop with a short presentation to start the session. Then all attendees are encouraged to participate in the group discussion and share their knowledge, experience, and any questions with the group. The sessions will be held in a separate room with audio-visual equipment available for attendees to share photographs or any other material with the group. 

If you have any suggestions on specific topics that you wish to share during the session, contact  contact Viola Sanchez at and she will put you in contact with the session leader.



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