2022 ALCON Conference Speaker Program

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Name                          Association                                     Subject
* Harrison SchmittApollo 17 AstronautApollo 17: 50 Years and Counting
Glenn ChapleAstronomy MagazineVisual Observing of Variable Stars: The Astronomical League’s Variable Star Observing Program
Tom PrettymanPlanetary Science InstitueFrom the beginning of time to the center of the Earth: What asteroid missions tell us about planetary evolution
Dennis WebbJohnson Space Center Astronomical Society and Fort Worth Astronomical SocietyAnnals of the Deep Sky: Things I Learned Creating the Books
Scott Harrington Observing with Binoculars
Mark BosloughLos Alamos National LabDeluge of Fire: The Anatomy of an Asteroid Airburst
Rick FienbergAmerican Astronomical SocietyPro-Am Collaboration
Chuck AllenAstronomical LeagueObservable Universe Scale
Kerry MagruderUniversity of OklahomaThe Sky Tonight Project: What stories do historic star atlases tell us?
Ann FinkbeinerFreelance science writerA Grand and Bold Thing
Michael BakichAstronomy Magazine (Retired Senior Editor)Solar Eclipses: The Cool, the Bizarre, the Wonderful
G.B. Cornucopia The Astronomies of Chaco Canyon
Larry CrumplerNew Mexico Museum of Natural History & ScienceRovers on Mars: A Great 21st Century Natural History Expedition to Another Planet
Jennifer Owen-WhiteValle de Oro National Wildlife RefugeValle de Pro National Wildlife Refuge, the First Urban Night Sky Place
* Seth ShostakSeti InstituteWhy Haven’t We Found the Extraterrestrials?
Carroll IorgAstronomical League PresidentPanel Discussion – Diversity is our Strength

Hosted by The Albuquerque Astronomical Society